Yes, Paws In Place dog grooming has moved locations and is no longer inside the Coldwater Farm store. Our salon has joined our boarding in our home location about 15-20 min north west of Coldwater at 808 Braucker Rd. Union City, Mi 49094.

As this new location is also our founders private home we ask that you call to make any appoitnments rather than show up at the location so we can be respectful of their privacy.

Other than the location change, our grooming, boarding, and training will continue as usual. We thank you for your understanding of this big change.

Paws In Place Staff


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“Not just grooming”


Here at Paws In Place we offer;

  • Grooming for all breeds of Dogs
  • Dog training classes
  • Dog boarding

About Our Company

Paws In Place offers grooming, training and boarding for all breeds of dogs.

A lot of dogs have a stressful experience with pet handlers, causing increased struggles and fears each time they come in. After a bad first experience, sometimes it takes an exceptional groomer, trainer or caretaker to change the dogs view on those things. We are out to be that exceptional groomer, trainer and caretaker for your dog. By taking the extra time to not only relax and destress your dog but also to show them how to behave in these situations we are able to lower the overal stress of the environment.

Dog Grooming services in Coldwater



Training Tip


Your dog will continue to offer behaviors that are reinforced, such as putting his tennis ball in your lap and barking until you throw it. By throwing the ball at this time you teach the dog to repeat this behavior, even at times you don't want him to. More often than not we tend to make a bigger deal out of a dog misbehaving and forget to reinforce when they are doing what we want, so if the dog is wanting your attention what will he be more likely to do, bad things that get a lot of attention (attention is attention whether good or bad) or do good things that get little to no response. Next time your dog is calmly laying on his bed, walking nice on the leash, or doing something you like, make sure to let him know with a "good boy", a scratch in his favorite spot, or a treat while he's being good. You don't have to get hyper or excited, but let him know he is doing good.


Interesting Facts

Did you know dogs are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to five and can perform simple mathematical calculations. The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child.

Dogs are also capable of finding and detecting anything they are trained to, such as; dear antlers, morel mushrooms, missing people, bombs, drugs, cancer
 and so much more.
Service dogs are not just for the blind. Dogs are capable of assisting in many medical conditions, such as detection of low blood preasure, seizures before they happen, as well as assisting with physical/mobility limitations, and assisting with neurological problems.

Emotional/mental support dogs also assist humans with day to day functions, but are more limited than regular service dogs on where they can go in public. Emotional/mental support dogs can assist with stress, depression, autism, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and much more.